This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.....

'In a crystal we have the clear evidence of a formative life principle and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.' -Nikola Tesla

If you are a seeker you have come to the right, most perfect place. Everywhere I go I look for the most appealing, highest vibration and unique crystals + minerals I can find... Perfect for the casual or serious collector or holistic practitioner. You'll find a large selection of mineral specimens, small and large polished stones and more, truly something for everyone.
My goal is to pay tribute on these pages to the magnificent forces at work that create these natural objects of art. This truly is a Lavish Earth we live on, the processes that form, mold and create the rich and varied mineral specimens you find within this site are awe inspiring to contemplate. From ignaceous to metamorphic the processes that create are as varied and interesting as the creation.

I stand behind my crystals + minerals. Each one is selected with care and awareness. Orders ship within 5 business days of purchase and are packed safe and sound like the treasures they are.

Visit the crystal warehouse every Sunday from 11am-4pm. If you can't make it on a Sunday, schedule a visit on a different day - appointments are welcome. If you need special attention, help selecting crystals for specific issues or holistic descriptions - please make an appointment - it will not be possible to assist you with this on a Sunday when there are more visitors.

For local pick up use code LOCALLOVE. For US orders over $100 use code FREE100.

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